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Medical Negligence

Can you make a claim for medical negligence?

Medical Negligence claims are now formally known as Clinical Negligence claims. We are very fortunate in the high standard of care provided byTheConsultants,Doctors, Nurses and other health professionals in the UK however on occasions mistakes are made resulting in medical accidents i.e. avoidable harm caused by treatment or a failure to treat appropriately. Medical Accidents can have serious and far reaching consequences and we believe that victims deserve an explanation, support and if appropriate compensation. 

Claims vary substantially but range from a Doctor prescribing a wrong prescription to neglect and injuries during childbirth for a mother or baby or surgical errors during an operation. If you have received medical treatment which has caused injury then you may be entitled to claim compensation.
What are the Types of  Medical negligence Claim?
 Claims may include pregnancy issues and maternal or infant birth injuries; Surgical claims including general surgery, gynaecological, neuro and cardio thoracic; Anaesthetic-related problems; Cosmetic surgery such as breast implants or tummy-tucks; Ophthalmic and laser eye surgery errors; GP error such as failure to correctly diagnose; Dental claims; Cerebral Palsy and child brain injury; Adult brain injury; Nursing and care home injury; Orthopaedics and wrongful amputation; Cancer related claims; Diagnosis errors and delays; Prescription errors - administration and dispensing.

How long do you have to make a claim?
If you believe that you have suffered as a result of negligent medical treatment the claim must be brought within three years of that negligent treatment, or otherwise within three years of the date you had knowledge of the mistake.

When should you contact a solicitor?
Medical negligence cases can take a long time to investigate and therefore it is sensible to take initial legal advice as soon as possible.
What can you claim?
You can claim compensation for the actual injury (general damages) caused as a result of the negligent treatment and can also claim any out of pocket expenses (special damages) that have been caused by the treatment. These can include your loss of earnings, medical expenses and any care that you have received or will need in the future from a professional carer or family members.

How can you fund Your claim?
We will assess your claim at an initial free interview at one of our offices or if you prefer at your home or at hospital. At that interview we will explain the options to fund your claim, which include the possibility of legal aid, legal expenses insurance via your home contents insurance policy, or a “No win, No fee” agreement.
Why choose Watkins & Gunn?
We are a long established and highly regarded firm with specialist medical negligence solicitors with offices in Cardiff, Newport and Pontypool. We have dealt with numerous clinical negligence cases and have an impressive success rate, including a recent claim where we recovered £2.45 million for the victim of a medical accident.

Pontypool: 01495 762244 | Newport: 01633 262122 | Cardiff: 02921 154313

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