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About Us

Your Problem Solved! 

At Watkins & Gunn, we ensure our outstanding legal solutions are delivered clearly, by qualified experts you can trust (and approachable people who genuinely care), with clarity on costs and in a time and manner that suits you.

Community & Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe it is important to be “good lawyers’” who play a valuable role in the local community.  We have broken CSR into 5 different categories each with its own sub-brand to address the important issues of diversity & inclusion, heath & wellbeing, the environment, pro-bono work and giving and promoting the Welsh language . Visit our CSR (Community & Social Responsibility) page to find out more.

Our commitment to you:

Above all, we are committed to treating our clients as we like to be treated and strive to deliver on our Service Pledge – every single time

We’re proud of our rich heritage of over 100 years of providing legal solutions and access to justice in Wales and beyond. Yet we understand that clients today expect more. We constantly develop and challenge our high standards of service to impress you, rather than hiding behind dusty legal books.

We are one of the most high profile firms in South Wales, with vibrant and busy offices in Cardiff, Newport and Pontypool (where we began).

We offer a full range of legal services for individuals, including wills and probate matters, family matters, property, public and education law, personal injury and criminal law. We also have a strong Later Life team to offer you and your loved ones peace of mind pre retirement age and beyond.

Importantly, our teams are led by specialists in their field who understand what our clients need, expect and want, today and tomorrow.

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Our values

We are a values driven law firm. We have all worked together to define the values that represent us and how we do business, We have created a set of values represented by the acronym FIRST – visit Our Values page for more information.

Our people & you

Our down-to-earth, modern and realistic approach is supported by our ability to attract star quality lawyers. As well as offering you brilliant lawyers (that’s a given) we are approachable, determined, compassionate, fun, strong, realistic, charitable and campaigning lawyers – unafraid to do things differently if it helps our clients.

We are closely watched by our legal peers across the country as we win client care and service innovation awards, given to us for making accessing, paying for and understanding expert legal advice just that little bit easier.

We have amazing people queuing up to work with us so that they can help you and we’re very proud of that. Our next generation of lawyers shape our business and that’s the way we like it.


Are you the next Watkins & Gunn star?

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