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Defence and Motoring Law


Most people come into contact with the Police at some point during their lives and if that happens you need fast, effective and clear representation you can trust.

Getting legal advice at the earliest stage can be very important. so please click here to contact us straight away or call us on 0300 1240 400.


We can represent and assist you with all aspects of every investigation from initial interview through to representation at the Magistrates Court, Youth Court and Crown Court. We have experience in  dealing with all types of cases from motoring matters through to the most serious fraud cases. We do so with expertise, professionalism and knowledge to provide as discreet and supportive a service as possible.

Road Traffic Offences

Click here to read more about our dedicated legal team who can help you with any Road Traffic Offence matter.

Why choose Watkins & Gunn?

Our Criminal Law Team has considerable expertise and experience in all areas of Criminal Law and are committed to providing a high level of service.  We provide astute, supportive and sophisticated jargon free advice which puts you,  the client, at the centre of the process.

We pride ourselves on an ability to deal professionally and discretely with any matter.

What Will Representation Cost?

We no longer offer representation funded by Legal Aid. However, we will give clear advice in terms of the costs involved and, where possible, will deal with matters on a fixed fee basis.  For information concerning fees for motoring offences click here.

Your Problem Solved

We’ll give you jargon-free advice without any hidden costs.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.