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Attending an inquest following the death of a family member is a difficult and painful process for anyone, especially if that person died in particularly distressing circumstances.

We’re passionate about righting the wrongs of public authorities and we have an excellent record of obtaining successful outcomes for clients. This includes favourable decisions at inquests.

We will fight to get answers for you and your family and ensure all the facts are investigated so that the same mistakes are not made in the future.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with Coroner’s courts and making representations on behalf of bereaved families, including making submissions relating to investigation into the circumstances of a death and/or if Article 2, the right to life, applies, which witnesses should be called and what conclusion should be properly made at the end of an Inquest. The Human Rights Act has an important part to play in inquest law.

We also act regularly in judicial review challenges asking the High Court to review decisions made by Coroners.

Watkins & Gunn has experience in applying for the limited legal aid available to cover the costs of representation and can also advise whether the circumstances of a death give rise to a human rights claim. We also act for clients with private funding, fixed fees and group funding arrangements where necessary.

We will ensure that you are advised about the best ways of funding the matter.

We’ll give you jargon-free advice without any hidden costs.

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