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Will Disputes & Contested Probate

Our long established Probate team can assist you with Will Disputes and Contesting Probate matters.

We know that a death in the family, or of someone close, is the most difficult time. It can be made even more distressing if there are legal problems and challenges with their estate.

Research by the Ministry of Justice has shown that there is a rising trend in the number of contested Wills in England and Wales. This could be because of an increase in more complex family relationships. 
Whatever the cause, now more than ever you need good legal advice if you are contesting a Will or defending a contested probate claim.

Will Disputes

Sometimes family members are unhappy with the way assets are distributed, either under a Will or the Intestacy Rules (if a person did not make a Will).

Watkins & Gunn’s experienced, approachable and specialist Wills & Probate lawyers can help you if you believe a Will is not valid for a variety of reasons including fraud, incapacity concerns or undue influence. We can also advice you or your family on Inheritance Act Claims if you feel you were not reasonable provided for.

We can also assist Executors with administrating an estate and defending a Will if a claim is brought against the estate by another person.

What is contested or contentious probate?

This is any dispute about the administration of the assets or estate of a deceased person.

There are a number of possible time limits in probate and inheritance claims, which will all depend upon the individual circumstances of each case can range from six months to 12 years. So, it is vital to contact an experienced solicitor, such as the members of our team at Watkins & Gunn, as quickly as possible.

If you think there is a Will or the administration of an estate that you are in a position to contest then contact us today to see how we can help. Time is often of the essence

Why use our legal professionals?

This is a complex area of the law and you need sound legal advice from the outset.
 You need legal experts to advise on the strength of your case, to present it in the best way possible, and to apply common sense to ensure that you don’t end up in lengthy and pointless and costly litigation that could fritter away the decreased’s estate in legal costs.

Our experts will look at the potential grounds for a claim and whether they are sound, what your potential grounds for defending it might be, or whether any amicable resolution should be considered  before an expensive court action is necessary.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.