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Disputing Care Home Fees

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

NHS CHC is a care package arranged by the NHS which can be received by a patient either in a nursing home, care home, hospital or in their family home. If a patient is considered to be eligible for NHS CHC, the NHS will fully fund that patient’s care and the patient will not be required to pay for any part of their care.
When is a patient eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare?

A patient should be eligible for NHS CHC if his/her primary need is for health and not social care. The health needs of the patient are therefore not able to be met by a social services department. If you are unsure as to whether you, your relative or friend is/was eligible for NHS CHC, if you decide to instruct us in relation to a potential claim for NHS CHC, following review of the appropriate evidence we will provide you with our detailed advice regarding the merit of successfully reclaiming care home fees paid.

Am I eligible to reclaim care home fees paid?

If you, a relative or friend paid care home fees you may be entitled to claim a full or partial reimbursement. You will be able to submit a claim at any time but the claim period can be no longer than 12 months from the date of the application.

What if a patient has already been assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare?

All patients receiving care should be assessed for NHS CHC on admission to a care home and also on an annual basis. If a patient was previously assessed for NHS CHC but found not eligible, you may be able to request a review of this decision.
What to do next?

If you would like us to make investigations into a potential claim on your behalf please contact our offices onĀ 0300 1240 400.

Please note that if, following registration of your claim, you decide that you do not wish to proceed, your claim will be disregarded.


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