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Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accident claims normally involve a car accident or a car crash, like a rear end shunt or an accident at a roundabout, where there has been an injury to the driver and/or an injury to a passenger or a pedestrian

At Watkins & Gunn, we are highly experienced in helping you to negotiate a personal injury claim to seek the justice you deserve and help you to fund your case.

Road traffic accidents commonly cause a whiplash injury to the neck or a back injury and bruising from the seatbelt but many of our clients face more complex and catastrophic injuries from high impact collisions, such as motorway accidents and pile-ups.

This kind of Personal Injury claim can include compensation for injuries to you, to your passengers (often children) as well as drivers. However, they can also include an accident as a pedestrian, on a bus or in a taxi and bicycle or motorcycle accidents.

The claim will normally be made against an insurance company but in cases of uninsured drivers or untraced ‘hit and run’ drivers, we make the claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau.

If you have sustained a personal injury as a result of a road traffic accident then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Contact us today to safeguard your access to justice in time.

Why choose Watkins & Gunn?

We’re proud of our ability to attract and retain specialist lawyers who offer truly excellent legal advice and first class, down-to-earth support for our clients at a time when we know you might feel incredibly vulnerable, distrustful of professionals and may also be very unwell during a legal process.

Our lawyers are given the time to let them do their job – be a strong legal advisor and support for you, to communicate clearly and to ensure they find the best supporting experts to strengthen and fight your case in order to seek justice, redress and to help ensure a quality of life going forwards.

Our specialist and highly regarded lawyers are committed to:

  • Creating the right legal solution for you
  • Providing jargon-free legal advice to ensure you understand your position and your case
  • Being discrete, available and proactive
  • To stand firm alongside you, without losing our approachability and ability to get the result you need
  • To be consistent, clear and transparent on fees

What can you claim?

You can claim compensation for the actual injury (general damages) caused as a result of the accident or negligent medical treatment and can also claim any out of pocket expenses (special damages) as a result. These can include your loss of earnings, medical expenses and any care and wellbeing needs that you have received or will need in the future from a professional carer or family members.

How can you fund your claim?

We will assess your claim at an initial free interview at one of our offices or if you prefer at your home or at hospital. At that interview we will explain the options to fund your claim, which include the possibility of legal aid, legal expenses insurance via your home contents insurance policy, or a No win, No fee agreement.

Speak to our highly experienced lawyers today. We’ll present your legal position clearly and offer you jargon-free advice without any hidden costs – and we’re open on Saturday mornings!

Contact us today to see how we can help you.