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Collaborative Process

‘Collaborative law’ offers a different approach to resolve family disputes in a constructive non-confrontational way.

Resolving issues in a collaborative way involves the couple with their respective lawyers sitting down and talking through decisions together.

Sophie Hughes, Head our Family Team, is a fully trained and experienced collaborative lawyer.

Collaborative Law means that the clients are in control and whilst at first sitting down face to face may seem a daunting task, it is nearly always the most effective way of sorting out disputes. The personal approach means that clients have a better chance of understanding each other and, if there are children involved, the children see their parents working together.

With Collaborative Law you set the pace; with no court dates looming. Clients set their own agenda focusing on the issues that are important to them. Research has shown that Collaborative Law can be cheaper, quicker and equips the former couple and any children better for life beyond divorce. It means finding a fair and honest solution to minimise the pain of family breakdowns.

For Collaborative Law to work both parties need to have a collaborative lawyer. Sophie Hughes is part of a network of collaborative lawyers in the region. For more information on Collaborative Law visit Resolution.

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