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Professor Franklin’s evidence followed the presentation on the Birmingham Haemophilia Centre.

Professor Franklin was Director of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Haemophilia Centre from September 1983 until July 1992 and worked alongside Professor Hill who was Director of the Children’s Hospital Haemophilia Centre.  Professor Franklin described how he worked well with Professor Hill and, especially early on in his tenure, he was guided by the experience of Professor Hill.

Professor Franklin discussed several topics put to him by Jenni Richards QC over his two days of evidence and these included:

  • Keeping patients on the same product. Once they had been exposed to one batch the policy of the hospital was to keep the patient on this batch wherever possible.
  • Regional contracts and the criteria used.
  • Knowledge of the risks of hepatitis and AIDS. Professor Franklin spoke of a sense of denial in relation to non-A non-B hepatitis and a sense that the UK was protected as volunteer donors.
  • How those infected with HIV and hepatitis C were advised of their diagnosis.
  • Consent for testing.

At the close of his evidence Professor Franklin acknowledged that this had been a long and difficult period for those infected and affected.  He said that the patients had been amazing and shown great fortitude.  At the end of the first day of Professor Franklin’s evidence he had said that he was there to help.  Sir Brian Langstaff acknowledged this and said that he believed that Professor Franklin had said this because he meant it and thanked him for answering all the questions put to him in a frank way during his two days of evidence.

For a full transcript of Professor Franklin’s evidence please visit where you can read the transcript or watch the evidence via YouTube video.



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