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Food Poisoning Claims

Has food poisoning ruined your package holiday?

You work hard all year to pay for your annual package holiday. If your all-inclusive trip is marred by illness caused by food poisoning which could have been prevented, it’s only right that you could get proper compensation.

Food poisoning caused by bacteria like salmonella and e-coli, or parasites like cryptosporidium, can be spread by:

  • Food which isn’t prepared hygienically, cooked thoroughly, or re-heated properly
  • Food which hasn’t been stored at the correct temperature
  • Pests like rats, insects, or birds getting into food

If you have symptoms like nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, aching muscles, a high temperature, or loss of appetite, you may be suffering from food poisoning.

You can have symptoms hours, days, or weeks after eating contaminated food. Food poisoning can ruin your holiday and leave you feeling wiped out.

While most cases cause stomach problems, other cases can be far more severe and cause life-threatening illnesses.

Recently, there have been high-profile claims lodged over illnesses at resorts in Egypt, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

What can you do?

It’s important to drink lots of fluids, though you should avoid coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol, and spicy or fatty foods which will aggravate the problem.

It’s also important to seek medical advice immediately and make an official complaint when you’re in the resort, if you can.

That will make sure you get the treatment you need quickly and help you make a claim for compensation when you return home. The Package Tour Regulations mean you could bring a claim for food poisoning in the UK if you pre-booked an all-inclusive trip and the food poisoning occurred because of a meal at your resort or on board your cruise ship.

Your holiday company has to take reasonable care to ensure the food you eat on holiday is safe.

Why choose Watkins & Gunn?

Watkins & Gunn is an established legal firm with an excellent reputation and our lawyers are experienced in making claims for holiday sickness.

We will talk through what happened to you and give you honest advice on whether you have a potential claim.

If you do, we can launch legal proceedings in a county court and fight for compensation for you.

Recent cases in the UK have seen successful claimants awarded compensation of between £1,000 and £15,000.

If your case is successful, you could have the holiday you’d dreamed about. You could also make your holiday company tighten up its procedures so that other people don’t have to go through the same ordeal.


Our specialist and highly regarded lawyers are committed to:

  • Creating the right legal solution for you
  • Providing jargon-free legal advice to ensure you understand your position and your case
  • Being discrete, available and proactive
  • To stand firm alongside you, without losing our approachability and ability to get the result you need
  • To be consistent, clear and transparent on fees

What can you claim?

You can claim compensation for the actual injury (general damages) caused as a result of the accident or negligent medical treatment and can also claim any out of pocket expenses (special damages) as a result. These can include your loss of earnings, medical expenses and any care and wellbeing needs that you have received or will need in the future from a professional carer or family members.

How can you fund your claim?

We will assess your claim at an initial free interview at one of our offices or if you prefer at your home or at hospital. At that interview we will explain the options to fund your claim, which include the possibility of legal aid, legal expenses insurance via your home contents insurance policy, or a No win, No fee agreement.

Speak to our highly experienced lawyers today. We’ll present your legal position clearly and offer you jargon-free advice without any hidden costs.


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