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What can we do to help?

If you have been accused of committing plagiarism by your university, the outcomes of the investigations can have very serious consequences. Many students may believe that plagiarism is a straightforward issue involving copying another person’s work, but it can also include self-plagiarism; copying your own previously submitted work.

Our university law solicitors are committed to helping students through the process of challenging these types of serious allegations.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is classed as a form of academic misconduct and may occur where a student is claimed to have presented someone else’s work or ideas as their own. Each university will have their own rules and regulations which will set out what is classed as plagiarism and whether or not the student’s intention will be considered.

Many universities use specialist software such as TurnItIn which will identify any instances of alleged plagiarism. Once this software identifies any potential plagiarism, a university may commence investigations and seek a response from the student in question. Our university solicitors have extensive experience in reviewing investigation reports and TurnItIn reports and can help you to review and respond to the allegations.

A case may be investigated whether the student intended to commit an offence or not and can even include allegations of plagiarising your own work (self-plagiarism).

It is therefore vital to seek professional help as plagiarism allegations can have a serious impact on a student’s record, future studies and potential employment prospects. Our higher education lawyers are experienced in dealing with plagiarism allegations and can help you to challenge these cases.

Professional Regulatory Bodies

Our university law solicitors understand that the consequences of being found guilty of plagiarism can have severe consequences on the following:

  • Medical Students
  • Law Students
  • Nursing Students

In addition to facing allegations of academic misconduct with the university, it is also possible that the relevant professional body may question your actions. It is therefore vital to seek assistance from the very outset in order to limit any long-term harm that these serious allegations may have on your future.

International Students

Our higher education lawyers understand that it can be particularly difficult for international students to understand what is and what is not classed as plagiarism as they will likely come from different academic traditions. What may be deemed acceptable practice in one country may not be deemed acceptable at a university in England & Wales.

Our Services

If you are faced with allegations of academic misconduct, including plagiarism, our specialist higher education law solicitors can help provide you with expert advice, assist you in drafting your response and can attend hearings where permitted.

Our university solicitors understand that your years of hard work and future career prospects could be harmed through these serious allegations. Our higher education lawyers are committed to help university students through these serious and challenging processes.

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