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Academic Misconduct Appeal

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What can we do to help?

If a university has claimed that you have committed an offence of academic misconduct, our higher education solicitors can help you. Our university solicitors are experienced in the world of academic misconduct disputes and can provide you with our expert advice and assistance throughout the process. We understand that students work incredibly hard to complete their studies and we are committed to help you get back on track to complete your studies.

What is academic misconduct?

Academic misconduct can include a variety of allegations including:

  • Cheating during an examination
  • Collusion
  • Contract cheating (asking someone else to complete a piece of work)
  • Falsifying data or results from an experiment
  • Plagiarism and self-plagiarism
  • Submitting misleading or untrue mitigating circumstances

Each university will have their own definitions, rules and sanction to each specific allegation. The process may involve various stages including the initial investigations, formal disciplinary hearing and appeal/review. The process and grounds for appeal or review can sometimes be complex. Our higher education lawyers are experienced in dealing with a variety of different academic misconduct matters and can provide you with the expert advice and support that is much needed.

What can happen if I am found guilty?

Allegations of academic misconduct can have serious consequences not only on your academic results but can sometimes result in a student being excluded from university.

The university will usually have a list of potential outcomes and sanctions that may be set down, so it is essential to seek expert legal advice from our education law solicitors to give you the best possible chance of defending the allegations made.

How we can help you

Our university lawyers are here to provide you with expert legal advice to help you navigate the process and to defend any allegations made against you. Our academic misconduct solicitors are committed to assist university students through this difficult time and process.

Our university lawyers assist students with a number of university related disputes including:

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