IT & Cybersecurity Law

When there are changes in regulations covering areas such as information technology, privacy and data protection, businesses can find themselves facing fines or expensive legal cases. We aim to prepare your business in advance for such changes and ensure you have the right tools and legal support to comply at all times.


Cybersecurity has recently moved up the agenda of businesses because of the substantial impact on a business of getting it wrong. We can look at the legal framework of your business in terms of IT support agreements to establish whether they sufficiently protect your business.

Our experienced corporate and commercial law team is always on top of the latest compliance requirements and legal changes and – as we like to work proactively with our clients – you can be sure you’re protected and compliant, whatever happens.

Our IT, Cybersecurity & Compliance Law advice covers:

  • Information Technology (IT) Law & Cybersecurity
  • IT terms of business agreements
  • IT outsourcing agreements
  • Privacy & Data Protection Regulations (Including GDPR governance & compliance)
  • Anti-Bribery Law
  • Financial Conduct Authority Regulation & Compliance
  • Terms and conditions of website use, privacy and cookies policies

Our Business Law team also works closely with our Commercial Property and Employment specialists to help support your business in all legal matters, through either a bespoke retainer or on a case-by-case basis.

We run our own business so we know what it’s like to beat your way through the professional services jungle. Speak to us today to see why hundreds of companies across Wales and the South of England trust our down-to-earth and relevant legal advice powered by talented, industry-recognised lawyers with one thing in mind – your success!

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