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23 Apr 20
Why should I make a Will and can I make one during Lockdown?



Over recent years Watkins and Gunn have provided several articles, highlighting the reasons for having a valid Will in place, before re-visiting these, we feel it is important to notify clients of how we are operating in light of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

How we are working in light of COVID-19

The world is currently proving to be a scary place, with a lot of uncertainly, with everyone being asked to do their bit to keep their friends and family, the public, the country and the NHS safe. Recent statistics have shown since the pandemic, there has been a spike in the number of people who are looking to prepare Wills. Unfortunately, we are all experiencing uncertain and unprecedented events that  emphasise the importance of ensuring that our affairs are in order.

We have adapted the way we work in order to continue to deliver a first class service to all of our clients. We have found new ways of working using  the benefits of technology. This includes our new online Will Questionnaire that we have developed for you to complete, saving you time and making our services even more accessible.

We are still able to offer support and advice to any clients who wish to prepare a Will with us. In line with Government advice, and social distancing, we are unable to offer a face to face appointment; however we are still able to take your instructions through a variety of online platforms and video call facilities, such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp or just by telephone.We will then guide you through the process of executing your Will to ensure that it is valid.

The importance of a valid Will

If you do not make a Will before you die you will be “Intestate” This would mean that the law decides how your assets are distributed and not you. Many people wrongly assume, particularly if they have a long term Partner, that they would inherit from them. Unfortunately, this is not the case and if you do not have a valid Will in place, unmarried partners receive nothing at all under the intestacy rules and may have to make a claim against your estate.

Having a valid Will in place, drawn up by a professional, specialist lawyer, allows you to control, what will happen to your assets after your days. It allows you to have the peace of mind of having a legally binding document in place that completely removes the worry of relying on the uncertainty of the intestacy rules.

Your Will can –

  • Set out who you wish to benefit from your Estate; this could be certain family members, relatives or charitable causes.
  • Appoint Executors to deal with your Estate.
  • Be specific to your family situation and may for example, take account of any “bundles of joy” who may not have arrived yet.
  • Stipulate clearly who you would like to appoint as the Guardian/s of your children (under the age of 18), rather than rely on hoping someone who will step forward.
  • Gift items that are sentimental to you, or which hold fond memories to specific individuals to whom they may mean the most and be treasured.
  • Set out any particular Funeral Wishes or requirements that you may have.
  • Detail how you would like to deal with your online digital assets (including your social media accounts).
  • Even stipulate who you would like to look after your beloved pet, after your day. A recent news article highlighted that, now the majority of the population are working from home, their dogs are a lot happier, to the extent that a certain pooch actually broke his own tail from wagging it so much!
  • Along with preparing your Will instructions, we will also advise you on any potential Inheritance Tax issues.

Get in touch

The Private Client Team at Watkins and Gunn Solicitors  hold the WIQS accredition  (the Law Society’s Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme Accreditation) and received the Private Client Team of the Year Award at the inaugural Wales Law Awards 2019 which highlights their specialism, professionalism and strong reputation for offering a quality service to all of their clients.

If you would like to discuss preparing a Will with Watkins and Gunn for added peace of mind, then please contact our specialist team on 01495768935, by email at, or simply text “legal will” to 67777.

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