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09 Jan 19
Newport City Council challenged over decision to leave Sensory and Communication Support Service

The Sensory and Communication Support Service (SenCom) supports children who are deaf, vision impaired, have a communication and interaction difficulty or a multisensory impairment.

Michael Imperato, Partner and Head of Education Law, has confirmed that a letter has been sent to Newport City Council to challenge their decision to leave the Gwent-wide Sensory and Communication Support Service.

“In a nut shell, the decision in October seems to have been taken somewhat out of the blue.  It’s been a common complaint by parents, by AMs and by charities that nobody was given any notice of a decision. It’s our view that if you’re going to take away or substantially alter a service that’s being provided to disabled children there’s a legitimate expectation that they will have some kind of forewarning before that decision is made.  It also seems odd that the decision was made without any consultation or engagement.  The decision looks like it has been made before they’ve even worked out what’s going to be put in SenCom’s place”.

To read the full article by South Wales Argus, please click here.

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